Lawrence Allen

Interactive Designer

About Me

My name is Lawrence Allen and I am a designer based out of Spokane, Washington. I specialize in Product Design, Web Design, UI Design, UX Design, Mobile Application Design and Branding/Identity Design. I look to make simple, easy-to-use responsive websites and software products for any sized project, that work on any type and size of device.

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User Experience Design

All products are stories, and the UX process is the way we take these stories and discover, define, and finally map out solutions.

This open approach and process will enable assumptions to be defined, managed and tested. Allowing the most enjoyable, effortless user experiences to be explored.

User Interface Design

Intuitive, attractive interfaces that aid in both user decision making and user actions is my approach to user interface design.

Responsive design is standard, as is providing the user a clear and understandable journey across the multitude of desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Brand & Identity Design

A brand is more than a logo, it's the identity of your business. I will help connect to a target audience through analyzing the marking and identifying open poistions for your brand visual language.

After the initial ideation and sketching of ideas, potential directions will be explored for visual solutions including logo, collateral & various mediums.

My Projects

I take on projects of all shapes and sizes. Take a quick look at some of my most recent projects.